If you own a property in London then it’s almost certain that you’re going to require sash window repair of some point in your lifetime. So your windows can typically go anywhere from 15 to 20 years without repair but at some point you will begin to get sash cords the fail, or you’ll need to paint your windows, or worse still, if they haven’t been painted for a long time they will need joinery repairs. Whichever group of repairs you fall into, it’s almost certain that if you want to have windows that open and close in the summer, that also keep you nice and warm in the winter, that you’ll require the assistance of a sash window repair specialist some point. In this article I’m going to go through all of the ways in which sash window repairs can really help you and your London property. Not just from a perspective of the prevalue of the property either, from the perspective of you living and enjoying the ambience too.

Replacing sash cords can help you enjoy your property far more.

One of the worst things that any Property Owner can suffer from is a hot day in the summer and they can’t open their windows. This happens for so many London Properties because painting Windows is pretty common, and as a result of painting if someone needs a little bit slapdash than they can actually stick their sasha’s shut quite easily. windows are any typically designed to have a 3 mm gap around the timbers, so therefore if you paint them about 3 times without sanding back the paint on each occasion then you’ll end up with a situation where you just have sash windows that can’t function.

This isn’t the end of the world though, because there are actually plenty of sash window repair specialists that can help you with this particular issue. They’ll simply take the windows apart and then plane off the excess paint behind the frame, this is a particularly normal sash window repair in London.

Sash window sill replacement forms a large part of almost all sash window repairs in London.

Did you know they’re replacing the hardwood sash window could cost you as little as £1,700 but all the way up to £3,500 plus VAT? One of the main criteria for specifying a replacement sash windows occurs when a sash window sill itself is rotten. There are actually a lot of companies out there now that will actually replace the sash window sills so that you don’t have to completely replace the window. Sash windows sills can be replaced from as little as £160 plus VAT so there’s a humongous saving to be had over entire replacement.

Sash window sills are simply cut out. They have got to remove the internal nosing and staff bead and possibly the lower sash as well to gain access to the sill. From there it’s just a simple case of cutting the sill at both ends of removing it. The news there was a load into position and screwed and fixed in place. Quite often and epoxy resin is used to combine the two materials to the original as well. From there the repair is painted with Dulux Weathershield normally externally. This is the ideal paint for the British weather conditions, because it can really withstand a bit harsh treatment.

So as you can see these sash window repairs in London can save a fortune over and entire replacement as well as help you maintain the original joinery and keep your existing features of the property. This is highly favourable not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but also from the perspective of the value of your property as well. Londoners mostly appreciate keeping original features when purchasing traditional Victorian properties so it’s well worth keeping in mind the anywhere that you can save such features it’s an added bonus. Not to forget, that these windows can actually be upgraded with draught proofing and double-glazed as well but that’s something for another article that I’ll go into very shortly.

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