At least once a year, it’s a great idea to go through your home’s storage area, clear out clutter, and reorganise. Pick a day on your calendar to dedicate to the big project. Wear comfortable clothes, play your favourite music, and roll up your sleeves for the day ahead.

Get Supplies

Before you get started you’ll want to have everything you need for the day ahead. Large plastic containers with lids, sturdy boxes, permanent markers, masking tape, and large plastic contractor bags are must-haves. Home improvement stores are the best places to purchase all of the above items in one place. Also, be sure your storage area is well lit for your organisation project.

Move That Stuff

Before you can decide what you want to put back into your storage space, you will need to take everything out. Create a separate area in a nearby room to bring items from the storage space. This will give you a chance to sweep or vacuum the storage space. If your storage space is crowded, try emptying half a side of the room so you can switch items from one side of the room to the other while you work.

Make Piles

As you begin to go through the stored items, you are going to want to separate them. Items that will go back into the storage area should be boxed and labeled. Items to be donated can go into a box or contractor bag, and so can potential ‘yard sale’ items. Keepsake items should be organised (for example, if they are children’s items, separate by the child’s name), labeled and boxed in sturdy plastic stackable containers with lids.

Charitable Donation
Charitable Donation

And don’t forget the biggest rule of any organisation project: IF IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!!

Rotate the Seasons

If you have a lot of holiday items, it’s a good idea to separate them in your storage area by space, in the order you’ll be taking them back out. For example, if you are cleaning your storage area in the spring and will need the summer clothes next, put them near the entrance to the area. Or, if it’s fall and you will be decorating for the holidays soon, place those items near the entrance.

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